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  • Doha, Qatar

    Doha, Qatar

    I was stranded in Doha, Qatar, for a day (post incoming), so I took it as a chance to see the Museum of Islamic Art and the surrounding areas. These are some unedited sights.

  • So coffee in Porto

    So coffee in Porto

    2022 brought me to many places, and this café in Porto is one of them. I took beans back home, some of which were from Latin America; I can’t help but find it funny that I’m bringing Latin American beans back to the New World.

  • Buena onda

    Buena onda

    No des nada, por favor, almenos (sic) que debas realmente. Gracias. Si piensas que te debo algo por el disturbio que mi música te causa, y porque un anciano raro como yo no debería tocarlo, y más bien debería estar con pensión y sedado en un asilo, solo tómalo de la caja del saxo. Gracias.

  • Rat race

    Rat race

    People sometimes forget that a rat race can be won only by a rat. A colorful wall on New Orleans’ Frenchman Street.

  • Selfie


    I like taking selfies I’m not a part of

  • Portals tell stories.

    Portals tell stories.