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  • Cooking together

    Cooking together

    For New Year’s I spent a few days up in the mountains with my closest people. It was a long weekend of cooking, eating, playing, and laughing. Getting away from the noise of the city and going into nature to make our own is a great way to reset and start the new year with […]

  • So coffee in Porto

    So coffee in Porto

    2022 brought me to many places, and this café in Porto is one of them. I took beans back home, some of which were from Latin America; I can’t help but find it funny that I’m bringing Latin American beans back to the New World.

  • Jazz and wine

    Jazz and wine

    Nights filled with rage, with unsatisfied desires Jazz unwinds, wine accelerates the mind unfinished tasks neglected talks dislocated looks crooked smiles Stare at the saxophone, fixate on the ride, ride, ride I can’t tell whether this is in my mind or outside focus, do I recognize this phrase? do I recognize this voice? don’t miss […]

  • Jump into a system, or do the thing wrong first?

    Jump into a system, or do the thing wrong first?

    I’m overwhelmed by big frameworks and systems. So much so that it feels like I spend more time thinking about how to do the thing right than actually doing something. I’m going through this right this second as I research for a blog post; I’m wondering if I should be using Notion to keep track […]

  • Navidad


  • Buena onda

    Buena onda

    No des nada, por favor, almenos (sic) que debas realmente. Gracias. Si piensas que te debo algo por el disturbio que mi música te causa, y porque un anciano raro como yo no debería tocarlo, y más bien debería estar con pensión y sedado en un asilo, solo tómalo de la caja del saxo. Gracias.

  • Rat race

    Rat race

    People sometimes forget that a rat race can be won only by a rat. A colorful wall on New Orleans’ Frenchman Street.

  • Selfie


    I like taking selfies I’m not a part of

  • Portals tell stories.

    Portals tell stories.

  • Improvising with a chickpea stew.

    Improvising with a chickpea stew.

    I had a plan for last week, but I treated it more like a framework. Part of the plan included buying ingredients for a set of dishes that I thought would fill my week (and me) nicely. So far I’ve made the tuna salads, mash with meatballs, and this warm and soft chickpea stew. While […]