Jump into a system, or do the thing wrong first?

I’m overwhelmed by big frameworks and systems. So much so that it feels like I spend more time thinking about how to do the thing right than actually doing something.

I’m going through this right this second as I research for a blog post; I’m wondering if I should be using Notion to keep track of the list of articles that I want to read and whether or not I’ve read them or not. I know myself, and, likely, those articles will sit collecting digital dust on a Notion page.

Right this second, I’m looking back at the entry and thinking, “well, I’m going to keep working on this, so I should move it to Notion, where documents are not necessarily meant to be tied to a date… come on!

I’m not going to do it. This time I’ll start the wrong way, go back to the entry, and edit it until doing so becomes a nuisance, or I publish it, whichever comes first.


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